Day 15: Squid Dissection

Posted Sunday, July 31st, 2011 at 9:38 am


Da Vinci: Cereal and milk prepared by Austin started off Da Vinci’s day at Village Cay. After breakfast our YEP friends arrived and we headed over to another dock for a squid dissection! We learned that squid are molluscs and only have three hard parts in their body. As one of the Yep kids said “That was the coolest, most disgusting thing ever.” After a snack and free time on the boats we said bye to our YEP friends. We ate lunch and then headed to Road Town we got to eat. We got to eat ice cream and check out the shops. We then played a little bit of sharks and minnows in the pool before heading off docks. Nick W. was at the helm and dedocked Da Vinci absolutely perfectly. We raised our main and unfurled our jib and had an awesome sunset sail to Cooper Island, everyone had a chance on the helm, Nick W. and Kyle led us through a couple of gybes and Myles and Nick cooked up a honey mustard chicken, rice and broccoli dinner. We then learned about night sailing and Nick brought us to the mooring ball at night! It was a great day finished off with the crew sailing test to demonstrat how much they’ve learned. Another exciting day tomorrow: we’re visiting The Baths and Monkey Point.

Zenon: We woke up this morning to piles of Cinnamon Toast and fruit for breakfast. We chowed down and once we finished met up with our friends from YEP. While we were sitting down to our squid dissection lesson the “bomb squad” showed up! The squad led us through the dissection very carefully so we could find “the bomb”.  Once we were finished dissecting the squid we headed back to the boats with the YEP students for some board games and snacks. YEP left and Jac made us all pasta salad for lunch. As soon as we finished our super speedy cleanup, we had some time to go to town. We filled up on ice cream, played in the pool for a while, then headed back to boats. Devin led us through pre-departure checks and we rolled out of Village Cay, exited to leave behind the heal for the breeze. The whole crew helped to get the sails up and out and we began our nice long evening sail. As the sun set, Allegra and Devin served us all honey mustard chicken, broccoli and rice. With the sun now set everyone gathered in the cockpit decked out in harnesses and life jackets. Jac, Max, Connor and Allegra helped us pick up the mooring ball in the dark and after a quick study group we took our crew tests. We had a quick boat meeting, then sleepily hit the hay.


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