Day 13: The Glass Factory and Chili Cookoff!

Posted Friday, July 29th, 2011 at 12:31 pm


Connor kicked off our morning by cooking everybody a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese sandwiches. As soon as everyone had enjoyed their breakfast we headed ashore to meet up with YEP. We all went to visit the Green VI glass recycling factory. At the factory we learned about how they recycle the glass to make beautiful objects and got to watch them make an angelfish, a wave pitch and a starfish. We wandered around for a bit, then had some time to play on the beach before saying goodbye to YEP.

We headed back to our boats and got ready to go sailing. Max and Jac gladly jumped into the water with Katelynn to help untie the secondary, while James assigned positions to drop the ball. James led us through a ball drop on his own, then also directed everyone in raising the sail and enjoyed splashing through the tramp from the big waves. We picked up a ball at The Bight and quickly showered so we could all help get ready for the Chili Cook-Off. The super awesome Chileans arrived and we presented our Chili with a beach theme. Once our guests left, we cleaned up and hurried to bed with tomorrow’s early hike on our minds.

Da Vinci:

Today started with an egg sandwich breakfast cooked by Myles. After hanging out on the boat, we headed to shore at Cane Garden Bay where we met up with out YEP friends. Tango and YEP went together to see a glass factory just off the beach. There we watched and learned how to blow glass. All of us bought souvenirs from the non-profit glass shop that helped encourage recycling on the island. Myles bought a turtles, Matthew bought a starfish, Harrison bought an angel fish and Austin bought a star fish. Afterwards we played on the beach with YEP and then we said goodbye and headed back to our boats for a sail to Norman Island. Nick P. was captain, and Hass was mate. Kyle did a great job helping at with the helm as well and Austin was another great mate to Nick P. Nick W. was the navigator and guided Da Vinci with ease.

When we arrived to the Bight, Norman Island it was straight to the showers and dinner! The boys prepared chilli together for our chilli cook off with Zenon. Our boat was “beach” theme and the boys decorated with their treasures they bought at the glass shop. “Chileans” came and judged both boats chilli. It was so much fun! Around 9 the boys had finished cleaning up and started to power down. An early morning tomorrow for a sunrise hike to the top of Norman Island!


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