Day 11: YEP Comes To Nanny Cay

Posted Thursday, July 28th, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Da Vinci:

It was an exciting day today for the crew of Da Vinci.  Hass made scrambled eggs for the crew before he and Nick W. departed for their fun wreck dive. They said it was amazing. The rest of the crew got to walk around Nanny Cay checking out all the shops and beach. When the divers returned the crew had delicious sandwiches prepared by Matthew and Myles. After lunch, the YEP students arrived at Nanny Cay. Half of YEP and the boat Zenon joined Myles, Kyle and Austin on Da Vinci for a sail over to Soper’s Hole. They were able to teach the YEP students how to sail and had a blast being leaders. Nick W., Matthew, Nick P. and Hass went on a truck tour of Tortola with beautiful views from the ridge. The crew was reunited at Soper’s Hole after Austin picked up a mooring ball. Everyone was able to hang out on shore for an hour or so, enjoying ice cold drinks. It was then back to boats for showers and a delicious lasagna cooked by our chefs Austin and Kyle. The night simmered down with a marine biology documentary made by a previous student of Sail Caribbean.


This morning we woke up to a breakfast of Western Eggs made by Allegra and Katelynn. Once we finished eating, Alli, Max, Connor, Jac , Devin and Carolina went to dive the Rhone, while James and Allegra had time to check out the shops and helped re-provision. Once everybody was back we ate hoagies for lunch and met up with YEP. While Jac, Devin, Allegra and Alli went sailing with YEP on Da Vinci Carolina, James, Max and Connor went on a truck tour of Tortola. We all met back up at Soper’s Hole for some shop time, then went back to the boat where Jac and Max made lasagne. After dinner we had a quick boat meeting and then went to Da Vinci. We watched a video by Josh Stewart. We came back to Zenon, had some hang out time and went to bed.




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