Day 17: Sage Mountain National Park

Posted Thursday, August 4th, 2011 at 10:39 am

BLUEBERRY PANKCAKES!!!! This morning Sierra woke up to a great breakfast prepared by Keenan and Kristin. Keenan had been asking to have pancakes all trip so it only seemed fitting for us to have them on our last day out on the water. Keenan and Kristin did a great job using food to keep up our spirits even though most were becoming depressed because it was our last full day as a family. After breakfast our main objective was to pack up our belongings and clean, clean, clean! One by one the students collected their things and put them in the bags they came with. Some students were leaving with more stuff while others were leaving with less. One by one, the bags were brought out to the tramp so that we could bleach and PineSol the boat.


At 11:00AM, we dropped the mooring ball at Cooper Island for the last time and went on our last sail. Anne took the helm and was very clear with her instructions to the crew. Emily and Franco dropped the lines while Kristin and Ginny spotted/relayed the information. Once underway, the entire family of Sierra sat together soaking up the last bit of Caribbean sun.

Anne docked Van Gogh and Sierra prepared a lunch of left-overs.  Following lunch we all piled into the SC truck and went into town. Graham drove Sierra to the entrance of Sage Mountain National park and we all began a hike to the highest point on Tortola. Liza, Kristin and Keenan did not have closed toe shoes so they decided to rough it in flip flops. The hike was not a difficult one but due to the rain it was a little muddy. Kristin, Liza and Keenan had no problem getting a little mud between their toes and the group had a great time walking through the trees of Tortola. Once at the top the views were breath taking and we got one last group shot! The walk down was quick and we then headed to Dulce to get ice cream.  With our bellies full we headed back to Hodges Creek to put the final touched on our boat and have a dinner of Pizza.

As the sun went down the plane letters and evaluations came out. Tears were shed and inside jokes were shared. It was our last evening on the boat and no one wanted to go to sleep. One by one people crashed with Ginny and Alex being the last to fall asleep. The bond made by these two girls was one of the strongest we have ever had on Sierra. They came to the Islands not knowing of each other and are leaving sisters. The morning will be difficult for all as our family goes its separate ways but the bonds created here will last a life time!



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