Day 14: Firsthand Account of Meeting the YEP Friends

Posted Friday, July 29th, 2011 at 10:54 am

Here is a student’s entry, recollecting the events of the day with our YEP friends!

We started out our day with some yummy bagels and set straight off to Cane Garden bay to pick up our new friends of the day, the YEP kids. We each matched up with a child an began our short journey to Sandy Can. On our voyage over, we all taught a lesson on the biology, reproduction and conservation of sea turtles to the students. We divided into four groups to cover different topics that we choose about sea turtles. Unfortunately when we moored it began to rain and we all had to take shelter in the boat as we all enjoyed yellow watermelon for the first time. When it finally cleared up we all swam to shore and had a great time playing in the water and having turtle races where we all had to crawl on our stomachs up the beach. It was VERY difficult! We swam back to the boat before the next squall and dropped the YEP kids off back at Tortola. We later went to shore and did some shopping and some of us enjoyed frozen drinks and at a bar on the beach, thanks to Franco who treated us!! We all took our daily boat showers and all cuddled up underneath the stars to watch a movie together, a great end to an even better day.


-Alex Polli



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