Day 10: Snorkeling At Painted Walls

Posted Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 at 11:24 am


Sierra woke up this morning to a very strange sight while at Mountain Point. One of our own who does not function well in the morning, Keenen, was actually awake and preparing breakfast! Keenen went to bed very early the night before so he was ready for a full day.

We left Mountain Point fairly early so that we could get a nice sail in before we reached our final destination. Kristin took the helm while Nikola was her mate and Anne took care of navigation. Kristin sailed and docked our 43 foot catamaran at Nanny Cay Marina. As 1:30PM rolled around, Sail Caribbean divers met us at Nanny Cay. Franco was feeling a little tired but Caroline and Anne convinced him that it would be a dive to remember and it was! They went to Laurie’s favorite place, Painted Walls. Emily and Anne spotted 3 sea turtles and tons of colorful fish. The underwater topography is covered by colored sponges which gives the dive location its name. The students explored the area and came back to the boat ready for dinner and showers! Ginny and Emily prepared a meal of lemon pepper chicken, broccoli and rice. We all dined on the meal but tried to leave room for dessert because Sierra and Foxtrot were going to have an ice cream social. We all met in an open field and were fed a variety of ice cream.

Once everyone’s bellies were full, Alex suggested we play a game of Red Rover with Foxtrot. One by one the students were called out. Ginny went first and was unable to break through. Caroline showed her athletic ability by breaking through the arms but most of our crew was too tired and full to make it past. They did not have the guts to call out Franco but we sure were hoping that they would try. As the games wound down and the showers were completed, it was time to power down. Good night Sierra and thanks for another fun day!


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