Day 9: A Fun Day At Mountain Point

Posted Monday, July 25th, 2011 at 4:02 pm


Sierra woke up this morning to the sounds of the Lion King! Laurie and Graham were wide awake and excited for their day. On the agenda: A Sail to Mountain Point, Water Sports and A two tank Scuba Dive! Things could not get better.

Nikola sailed us to Mountain Point but before we could secure the boat, Graham had to give his first lesson on anchoring. All of the students paid close attention so that they could set the anchor on the first try. Once the spotter found a nice sandy area, Nikola gave us the signal to drop the anchor. Franco was in charge of letting out the rhode and Ginny was spotting. Alex helped us attached the snub line and within 15 minutes (and on our first shot) our anchor was set.

At 9:30AM Anthony showed up with the water sports equipment. He took the first 5 students while the others jumped into the water to collect data for their project. After about an hour the groups switched. Alex decided that she did not want to take part in water sports so she and Laurie went on a long swim to explore 3 finger caves. By the time they got back,  lunch was ready and then it was time for our dives!

Sail Caribbean Divers showed up to pick up the group at 2:30PM. We jumped on Discovery and heading to the Doggs. The first dive was at Seal Dogg East and the second was at Seal Dogg West. The coral and sponges were amazing. We went down to 70 feet and explored the drop off. Our students spotted a lionfish, spotted moray eel, 2 GIANT green sea turtles and enormous schools of butterfly fish. We all agreed that this was our favorite dive to date! To wrap up an amazing day, Laurie taught the group a lesson on coral ecology and then we watched Blue Planet: Coral Seas to fall asleep.


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