Annual Chili Cookoff and a Patriotic BBQ: With Pics!

Posted Thursday, July 7th, 2011 at 11:55 am

July 3, 2011

Sierra woke up to a rainy morning at Bitter End, ready to start their day. Maddy led the charge as skipper of the day, sailing the boat to Mountain Point. The first thing Sierra did was jump into the water for a remarkable snorkel. Leslie was intrigued to find an underwater swim through that led up into pool of water surrounded by rocks. Chapman was excited to look into a roaring cave on the side of the cliffs, while Xanthe was happy to see some cuttlefish swim by.

After the snorkel, Laurie led a lecture on coral ecology and conservation. The crew then prepared to drop the mooring ball as we started to head off towards docks at VGYH. During our trip Graham talked to the crew about points of sail and the rights of way in the sailing world while Tommy listened intently. Once the crew reached the docks everyone called home and visited the grocery store before their next activity, a squid dissection. Leslie wasn’t too thrilled to touch her squid, but Chapman dug in as he pointed out to Laurie the different parts of his squid.

Once the dissection was over it was time for Sierra to prepare for the annual Chili Cook Off against Alpha. The crew brainstormed and came up with the creepy idea of mental hospital surgery.  As Tommy and Maddy cooked the chili Meg, Leslie, Chapman, and Xanthe decorated the boat with dissection tools and ketchup. Meg even went as far as to apply black makeup to the boys’ faces. The scaring tactic was a success as Leslie was “cut open” and Maddy jumped up and scared the judges. After a terrifying performance Sierra settled down and ate a chili dinner together, relishing in their success.

July 4, 2011

Today is July 4th, 2011 and Sierra is feeling patriotic! Laurie and Graham woke up early to motor to one of the most beautiful spots in the BVI, The Baths. The counselor’s goal was to let the students wake up to the large miraculous boulders that make up The Baths. It worked well for some but we do have a few early risers. Maddy was awake before we picked up the mooring ball so she helped Laurie thread the mooring ball. We were the first boat there but not for long. Within the next 30 minutes, Alpha sailed in and Sail Caribbean was in full force!

After breakfast, we all swam to shore. Sierra gave a short lesson on coral reef to Alpha and then they were off for their hikle – a hike plus a snorkel! The students were thrilled to see jump rock at the end and we were all excited to each take our turn jumping off the rock into that clear blue water.

Following our morning at the Baths, Xanthe took the helm and took Sierra on a nice 2 hours sail. The day was perfect and the winds were blowing just right. Before we knew it, we had to turn around and make it back to Virgin Gorda where we could anchor at Spring Bay.

About one hour after we dropped anchor at Spring Bay, Foxtrot followed us in. The plan for the evening was a Fourth of July BBQ with the Foxies! It was a great evening for the students because the counselors were doing all of the cooking. While the grill was going everyone played in the water, hung out with friends, explored the rocks, and played whiffle ball!


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