A Day of Diving and a Night of Live Music!

Posted Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 at 1:00 pm

June 29, 2011

Sierra woke up on June 29th, 2011 at Manchioneel Bay.  Everyone was very excited, because it was time to go diving again.  It had been 2 days since their last scuba dive and everyone was very excited to get back in the water.  Sail Caribbean Divers took Sierra on a two tank dive to Wreck Alley and Vanishing Rock.  The group spotted many colorful corals and encrusting algae.  There were schools of fish everywhere and spotted moray eels were seen relaxing in the reef.  When Sierra returned to the boat, everyone was very hungry so we prepared a large lunch consisting of pasta salad and fruit.  When the early afternoon hit, it was time to head to our first docking location since Hodges Creek.  Chapman took the helm and did a great job at getting us to our final destination before our provisions arrived.  Before we could dock, Graham gave the crew a detailed lesson on how to and dock our 43ft catamaran at Village Cay and everyone took their assigned positions. Chapman docked the boat like a seasoned professional and made it in his first try.  To bail is not to fail but Chapman did not have to worry about his bail plan! After the boat was secure, all of the students took off for the restrooms while Laurie and Graham watered and gassed up Van Gogh.  At 3:00PM provisions arrived and we all worked together to get it on the boat. Once the food made it to its correct locations, the students were given their phone to call home. Each student called home and there were cheers of excitement as they reached their moms and dads. Everyone was in very high spirits and ready for showers!  As everyone was making their ways back to the boat we noticed live music playing at the Village Cay restaurant. As a group, we decided to forfeit the dinner we had to cook and went out for a great meal. Chapman enjoyed the conch fritters, while Maddy and Leslie had a pasta dish. Laurie and Tommy decided to order the chicken fingers, and Meg went after the sample platter. Rounding out the order Graham ordered a conch dinner and Xanthe had a salad and fries. By the time our check came, everyone was exhausted and headed to bed.


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