Foxtrot 3- Day 10

Posted Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at 9:50 am

Foxtrot 3 Trip Update Day 1o, Graham Benton, Program Director

Challenge day part two! To start the morning off, Da Vinci and Van Gogh each sent three members of their crew (captain, mate, and navigator of the day) to the staff boat to have a staff meeting to go over the day’s schedule and sailing route. Each boat’s leaders would be in charge of everything for the day—meals, keeping schedule, tracking navigation—every aspect of the typical Sail Caribbean day. Once they returned to their vessels, each crew dropped the mooring ball and headed out the channel. Soon the sails were raised and the boats were sailing along nicely. Upon rounding the northern tip of Virgin Gorda, both captains skillfully prepared their crew for docking at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor. Once all lines were fast on the docks, masks, fins, and snorkels were collected and everyone excitedly jumped on the dive boat for an afternoon of fun. After returning for a quick bite to eat for dinner, everyone was excited to hop back on the dive boat for the night dive. While the advanced open water students went down for a deeper dive at the Chimneys, the rest of the fleet went on an epic night snorkel adventure. They were accompanied by schools of Squirrelfish and Needlefish, just before we got out of the water we were lucky enough to spot a Nurse Shark. Another awesome day on Foxtrot 3!


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