Foxtrot 1- Day 17

Posted Saturday, July 7th, 2012 at 8:38 am

Foxtrot 1- Day 17 Trip update  written by Shandy Buckley, Mate .

The fleet woke this morning at docks in the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, to a sunny and bright tropical morning. After an hour of shopping and exploring the fleet set sail for Marina Cay. Girls were aboard Da Vinci with Desda and Beta, and boys were aboard Geneve with Sam and Fray. Everyone enjoyed the change of scenery. The boys decided to sail quickly to their destination where they could swim, and the girls decided to get some sailing in as the program wraps up to an end.

The afternoon was jam packed. There was a lesson on diving awareness of the environment  then two dives for the divers. Those who did not dive got to go ashore at Trellis and explore the shops and restaurant. Once back on the boats everyone enjoyed a family style dinner with the dive staff. Dinner was pasta Alfredo and salad, and was entertaining with 12 students and 12 staff aboard one boat. Beta was a hero and cooked all the food. Gareth, Elliot, Tommy and Alex cleaned it up.

The divers had two fun dives and their very first night dive. They saw lots of slipper lobsters, grouper, Tarpon, and best of all, a shark. Those who saw the shark remembered their lesson, and remained calm. All in all it was a busy, exhausting day.


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