Day 9: Challenge Day

Posted Monday, July 25th, 2011 at 4:07 pm

Today was Challenge Day! Both boats were given the challenge of taken charge of their boats, entirely without the assistance of any staff members! They sailed from Eustatia to Bassetere Bay, St. Kitts. It turned out to be an extra challenging day as we had several squalls move through. The crews on both boats did an exceptional job. They dealed with the challenging weather, taking turns at the helm in the rain, and being sure to run any questions of safety by staff members.

The boats anchored just outside Bassetere bay, and we had a break in challenge day for a docking. Everyone was very excited for our first docking, and to send away our dirty laundry, and have fresh water showers on land! It was a long day in the rain, and everyone was tired but excited to explore a new island!


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