Day 11: Exploring St. Kitts

Posted Monday, July 25th, 2011 at 4:03 pm


This morning we woke up to another day of exploration on St. Kitts. After breakfast, we headed to the botanical gardens and the batik workshop where we were given a batik demonstration from a local artist. Many folks bought batik souvenirs, and in the botanical gardens just outside the shop, everyone wondered at the size of the trees that grew there. From there, we headed up to the historic brimstone hill fortress. After the video that described the forts history, we then got a chance to explore it on our own time and take pictures from the highest point of the fort. We then headed back to boats for lunch, followed by a little bit of time to explore the town of Bassetere. By three in the afternoon we were all back at boats in time for a dedocking so that we could get away from the heat of the docks. We went a couple bays up to Whitehouse bay for a quiet anchorage, excited to head to Nevis tomorrow!


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