Day 4: Marigot Bay to Saba

Posted Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 at 9:58 am

July 18th 2011

This morning, the crew aboard Full Deck made it from the pillow to the breakfast table in 4 minutes! They had a quick breakfast before prepping their boat for departure to Saba. Morgan was captain of the day, and showed us his skills at the helm.  Will was at the helm for a passing squall “like a champ,” and Jordan got a workout helping furl and unfurl the jib each time we raised/ lowered sails. Maria was the navigator today, and Grace and Callie got in time on all of the lines for raising and lowering sails. Dylan volunteered for all positions throughout all of the busy-ness, and Grace and Callie kept everyone entertained with riddles throughout the sail.

Aboard Shere Khan, Lauren was skipper of the day, Sarah was the navigator, finding the time to get comfortable with lat. and long. Upon arrival to Saba, Matt did a great job of snagging the mooring ball, with Caroline spotting. Tommy made lunch for everyone, and Alexis was at the helm for a couple of hours, steering by the compass alone!

Upon arrival to Saba, after a long sail, everyone took boat showers, and the crews made shepherd pie before settling down to a quiet boat meeting with the lights out and time to contemplate the quiet and the unique stars of Saba.

Tomorrow, we will be exploring the island in more detail!


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