Foxtrot 3 Day 10&11: Fireball Parties and Olympic Games

Posted Saturday, August 27th, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Day 10

Anegada- Trellis Bay

The day started off with a batch of French toast. With the long sail back down to Tortola, we had the morning to reach our destination. The amount of time that we had was a good for us, because the wind seemed to have gone somewhere else. It is funny to be in an ocean with nothing but open sea between you and Africa and to not have a lick of wind. Either way our motor sail down to Trellis Bay was relaxing.

We learned about knots and various finer points of sailing and seamanship, some formal while others where just one-on-one. When we arrived at Trellis Bay we did so in the early afternoon. We collected onto Geneve and listened to a lesson about invertebrates, talking about what makes them so fundamentally different from us, other then their lack of a back-bone. In learning about these animals, we talked about where they live and that there is often a great deal of garbage that is dumped into the oceans. We then did an underwater clean up to see what we could find. After all of this, we showered, prepared our dinner and prepared for the Fireball party. At 8:00 we all arrived ashore dressed to the nines. Armed with dresses and collared shirts, the Foxes were ready. The fireball party is always a blast, local music, dancing and singing. The highlight is when the Trellis Kitchen Staff lit these iron balls stuffed with wood on fire. They even have one shaped like a giant man! After the spectacles ended around 10:00 we all headed back to the boats for the rest that we all needed so much at that point.



Day 11

Long Bay to Monkey

This morning we all arose to bagels and cream cheese, a quick but hearty meal to prepare for diving at 8:00. The all the divers except for Sandro headed off to Diamond Reef. Sandro refrained due to ear issues and generally not feeling 100%. Diamond Reef is a beautiful barrier reef that stretches along the southern coast of Great Camanoe Island. The reef is a steep gradient starting in about 3 feet of water and dropping down to about 45 feet at its deepest parts. The second dive site that they went to is called Lee’s Bay and is defined by large rounded granite formations under the water. Large and unique formations create some very fun places to explore along the shore in about 15 to 20 feet of water. When all the divers returned, we made lunch, dropped the mooring ball and motored around the corner to Long Bay. Long Bay is ideal for two things: Olympics and YEP.

Today, it was Olympics. The Olympics consisted of five games. Tug-o-war, the Turtle Relay, Dizzy Fender, The Kayak race, where you have to carry your captain in a kayak around a point and back into the water, and Sand Art where you have to bury your captain and mate in sand and make them into an art sculpture. Each of these games was divided by a five to ten minute session of playing in the water. After the exhausting work of fighting for names sake, we all returned to the boats for a dinner of lasagna and salad, and a quite night on board.


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