Wreck Dives and Beach Olympics!

Posted Sunday, August 21st, 2011 at 8:32 am

Day 12 – Cooper to Long Bay

Today we woke up to calm waters and a beautiful, cloudless day.  Cooper Island was quiet and our fleet were some of the only boats in the mooring field.  We had a busy day planned as our Charlie divers prepared for a dive and the rest of the fleet prepared for a sail to Long Bay, a perfect spot for beach Olympics.

On Monet, Eliza, Zac and Zoe completed the wreck dives for their Wreck Diver specialty.  They went for a dive at Wreck Alley, a dive site where 3 boats were sunk and turned into artificial reef.  While the divers were diving, Gustavo skippered the boat during an amazing anchoring.  During the sail, Gabby, Eric, Veronica, Chelsea and Mitchell learned more about chart navigation.  For beach Olympics, the boat decided on a Harry Potter theme.  They all got to the beach with lightening tattoos on their foreheads!

Sao Jorge sailed off the mooring ball at Cooper Island with Curtis at the helm.  While the rest of the crew was sailing, Eliot, Ally, and Allie went diving on the world famous Wreck of the HMS Rhone.  Once the boat arrived at Long Bay, Robert was skipper during the anchoring.  Once secure, Frank dove on the anchor to make sure that it was set correctly.  The group created an amazing flag for their Olympic team that really inspired team spirit and S.J. pride.

Matt S. was skipper today on Venture.  He helped get the boat off the mooring ball and stayed on helm to raise the sails.  Philip and Joel both completed dives for their Wreck Diver Specialty at dive sites with near perfect visibility.  They estimate it was near 90 feet!  Once at Long Bay, the crew made their way to the beach for Beach Olympics.  Venture won the Fin Relay!

On Vivaldi, Ross was skipper of the day and under his guidance, they were the first boat to drop the ball at Cooper Island.  At Beach Olympics, Vivaldi won Dizzy Fender.  They were quite a speedy group and were able to push through the dizziness of spinning around a fender 10 times in record time.   They buried their captain, Kaitlyn, in sand and sculpted her into a starfish.  Unfortunately, at the end of the games, they were forced to say goodbye to Tim and Cam who had to leave early.

After the games ended, we all got together for beach barbeque and headed back to boats for a crew tests and serious, but fun boat meeting for our last night on the water.


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