Diving, Beach Volleyball, and a Night Sail!

Posted Saturday, August 20th, 2011 at 3:57 pm

Day 11

It was a hot morning in Nanny Cay, as we all woke up early to make crepes for breakfast.  Today was a nice, relaxing day.  We had all day at Nanny.

On Vivaldi, Marco, Keric, and Cary left for their last Advanced Open Water dive.  They did their Deep Dive module to around 70 feet and then their Peak Performance Buoyancy module. While practicing their buoyancy, they navigated an underwater obstacle course and even took off their fins and had a race on a sandy patch.  While they were diving, Emma, Matty, Cam, Tim, Jack, Ross and Brett enjoyed the pool and beach at Nanny Cay.

On Monet, Chelsea, Gabby and Will finished their Advanced Open Water dive, while Zoe, Eliza, Gus, Eric, Dylan, Mitchell and Zach went to the shops.  In the afternoon everyone got together for a game of Nuk’em, a derivative of beach volleyball.  Monet was paired with Sao Jorge.

On Sao Jorge, Marella, Curtis, Frank, and Robert went on the last two dives of their Advanced Open Water certification.  In the afternoon Eliot completed his Fish Identification specialty.  Allie, Ally, Nicole, Cara, and Josh got to have another fresh water shower at the amazing Nanny Cay showers.

On Venture, Phil passed his Rescue Diver Exam! The rest of the boat enjoyed ice cream at the Nutty Banana.  In the afternoon, they competed with Vivaldi against Monet and Sao Jorge in beach games.  While Joel fought valiantly for a while, he was targeted by the other team and forced out.  Savannah loved the Nanny Cay showers.

That evening after the afternoon divers returned, the boats prepared for their first night sail.  As sunset arrived, all the boats left docks.  The night was perfect for a night sail.  The moon didn’t rise until late and it left the sky clear for stargazing.  Marco and Tim saw at least three shooting stars.  The boats all successfully night moored at Cooper Island with flashlights and good communication.  After such an exhausting evening, everyone was more than ready for bed.





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