Challenge Day and Race Day – The Adventures Continue!

Posted Saturday, August 20th, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Day 9 – Excerpt from Monet’s Ship Log:

“Challenge Day! Awesome demooring. We chilled at the beach and found Herbert, our pet who is a hermit crab. We hiked up to the helicopter pad which had the most amazing view and after we had an opportunity to hang out with our friends on the beach.  After we sailed to Sopers Hole and we had an extremely successful sail with no major problems.  After that we moored on the first try and visited friends.  Then we cleaned.”

Today our crew did a great job of: mooring/sailing

Miracle Moment: Sailing alone amazingly.

Day 10 Sopers Hole to Nanny Cay: RACE DAY!!!

Below are extracts from the ship’s logs of the boats, race day in the student’s own words.


Captain of the Day: Cary, Navigator: Ross, Mate: Jack

Today was race day. We woke up at 7:00am, got our breakfast of eggs, cleaned and started to sail. The wind was very strong and we went pretty quickly. We came in second but Nanny Cay was pretty awesome. We ate lunch and then we were allowed to hang out at the shops/pool/beach with the other boats. Also the showers here are each about the size of my bedroom and they felt really good.


Captain of the Day: Gabby

We woke up early and demoored at once. Then we raced to the starting line outside Soper’s Hole. We sailed incredibly and tacked really fast! The conditions were amazing and we all worked together to race amazingly. When the race finished we docked on our first try really well at Nanny Cay.


Captain of the Day: Joel B

“Today was race day. We came in last but in our hearts we were first”


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