Bravo/Charlie Day 8: “Pirate Day!!”

Posted Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 11:18 am

Day 8

While the morning started serenely in beautiful Little Harbor, things got a little more exciting as it was announced that today was Pirate Day!  As captains and mates woke their boat up in pirate garb and announced the history of the famous BVI pirates.  From stories about Black Beard to interesting facts about islands like Dead Chest and Norman Island, everyone was excited for the fun and games of Pirate Day.

In the morning on Vivaldi, Jack and Brett went diving.  Everyone else on the boat went on a snorkel together.  During the snorkel, the boat was surprised with a game of Panic.  Panic is fleet wide game organized by the staff boat.  All the boats get their kayaks out and choose two people to kayak to the staff boat.  Once there, they receive instructions about a task they have to complete back at their boat.  After finishing, they send the next set crewmates on the kayak to the staff boat.  Vivaldi came in second!  After Panic, they learned how to up anchor and had a really fast downwind sail to Norman Island, the old center of the pirating activity in the BVI’s.  Keric led a challenging mooring ball pickup with Cary, Tim and Ross helping form the bow.  At Norman, Ross, Matty, Emma, Jack and Brett went on a hike while Tim and Cam went on a Discover Scuba Diving Dive.  Ross and Matty made Sloppy Joes for dinner and everyone had a dance party during clean-up.

On Monet, Mitchell went on a snorkel and found a giant hermit crab.  Monet also played in the Panic game.  One of the challenges was for a student to wear 5 life jackets while kayaking to the staff boat.  Veronica managed to get all 5 on her and still successfully paddle.  While Eliza, Zach, and Zoe went on the Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive, Gabby, Veronica, and Eric went tubing around the bay.  Just after lunchtime, they picked up the anchor and headed to The Bite, Norman Island.  That evening, Chelsea, Marella, Robert, and Gabby went on their first night dive.

On Venture, Caitlin was skipper of the day.  After getting her crew up and organizing breakfast, the boat participated in Panic.  Joel and Matt P picked up a plastic bag that had fallen overboard, and about 5 minutes later, the group saw a sea turtle and felt even better about helping to save the environment.  Before setting sail, Mariel and Savannah charted the navigation.  On their sail from Peter Island to Norman Island, they were caught in a rainstorm.  Phil took the opportunity to have a fresh water shower.  That evening Matt S, Scout, Chloe, Jack went for their first night dive.

On Sao Jorge, everyone woke up and ate cereal for breakfast.  While enjoying the beauty of Little Harbor, some of the crew went snorkeling and Cara, Marella, Nicole, Curtis, Frank and Robert went tubing and wakeboarding.  Allie and Ally went diving in the morning and got more dives toward their Rescue Diver certification.  It was a beautiful day for a sail, and Sao Jorge arrived speedily at Norman Island after a relaxing downwind sail.  That evening, the Bravo divers went on a night dive and saw some interesting wildlife.  Curtis saw a flounder and Frank saw a spotted eel.  Robert saw a Spotted Drum Fish.

After dinner, it was announced that tomorrow is Challenge Day, and the crew members will have to sail from Norman Island to Sopers Hole on Tortola without asking their captain or mate for any help.  It is an incredibly exciting and motivating experience as our crews learn they know more about sailing than they ever thought.  Everyone went to bed looking forward for tomorrow!


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