Bravo/Charlie 3 Day 7:The Divers take on the Rhone and more

Posted Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 at 10:58 am

Day 7

Everyone awoke to the smell of muffin cake baking in the oven.  The docks were a hive of activity as all the boats were next to each other and different crews could spend time together.  In the morning, the Bravo divers left for their first Advanced Open Water training dive.  They went to the world famous wreck of the RMS Rhone.  The Rhone has appeared on multiple lists as one the world’s best wreck dives.  This is where Keric, Marco, Cary, Chelsea, Robert, Curtis, Scout, Chloe, Matt P, Jack, Matt S, and Frank did their wreck dive elective. They also went to Rhone reef where they saw a sea turtle.  While the Bravo divers were in the water, the Charlie fleet regrouped on Monet and Vivaldi. They sailed over to Little Harbor at Peter Island.  It was a beautiful day for sailing and both boats made it in record time.  As the boats anchored, the Charlie divers got ready for a dive.

Back at Village Cay, Savannah, Ross, Veronica, Gus, Eric, Mitchell and Cara, went shopping in Road Town and swimming in the pool at the marina.  Their favorite shop to stop in was La Dolce Vita, where they tried all different flavors of Italian Gelato. After the Bravo divers returned, the last of us set sail on Venture and Sao Jorge.

Once at Peter Island, both boats learned to Med Anchor.  Med Anchoring is the process of dropping your anchor as well as attaching a stern line to a tree or boulder on shore to stop the boat from swinging.  While we did it just to learn a new technique, it is used most often in tighter areas to prevent boats from hitting each other when they swing.

That evening, Charlie divers left for a night dive. Joel, Will H, Josh, Will M, Zoe, Jack, Mariel, Allie, Eliza and Brett completed another dive for the Night Diver Specialty.  The other Charlie divers enjoyed a fun night dive at Randy’s Reef.  Back in Little Harbor, the rest of the fleet went on a night snorkel.  After such a busy day, it was a relaxed, early, and hot chocolate-filled night for everyone.  We leave for Norman Island tomorrow midday!


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