Bravo/Charlie 3 Day 4: Watersports and Chili Cook-off with Photos

Posted Sunday, August 14th, 2011 at 12:09 pm

Day 4

This morning, the staff woke up early to get going before their crew members woke up.   The students woke up two hours later to find their boats well underway to Virgin Gorda and the Bitter End Yacht Club.  As soon as everyone was awake and finished with breakfast, all of the boats raised sails.  The wind was perfect, and the fleet looked like pros as the boats moved smoothly, keeled-over through the peaceful Sir Francis Drake Channel.  On Vivaldi, Brett, who was skipper, not only moored the boat, but also led his mates through a power clean.  On Venture, Chloe was skipper and helmed during the sail around The Dogs. During the sail students learned about: telltales, upwind sailing, sail trim, and the term JIFL (Just In From a Luff).

Upon mooring at Bitter End Yacht Club, the staff drove their crew to the resort in the dinghies.  Once ashore, everyone was encouraged to take advantage of the all the water sports offered.  Jack spent 45 minutes learning to windsurf, while almost everyone got a chance to tube, water-ski, or wake board.  Other students took out lasers and others went with staff members on Opal Bella.  Not everything was water-centric however; Jack, Philip, Savannah and Caitlin went with Charlie (Fleet Captain) and Jess (Mate) on a hike to a beautiful look-out spot.  Some students choose to relax on the calm beach or went shopping at one the three resort boutiques.

After a busy day on shore, everyone returned to their boats for the famous, Sail Caribbean, Chili Cook-Off.  Each boat cooked their own chili and created an original theme for their boat.  Four staff members, dressed up in outlandish costumes, arrived to judge each boat’s chili on theme, presentation, and taste.  On Vivaldi, Cam welcomed the judges aboard as he pretended to be an alien.  The chili on Vivaldi was well-spiced and served with a piece of grilled, garlic bread.  On Monet, the judges were thrust into the middle of murder mystery.  Eric was “killed” by an unknown assassin and it was the judges’ job to figure out who did it! Zach, Chelsea, and Will were the possible suspects.  While in the end, the chef, played by Zach, committed the crime. Their chili was delicious, not too thick and just spicy enough.  On Sao Jorge, the judges were taken back in time to a 70s disco party.  As “Staying Alive” played in the background, the judges were able to taste another fantastic chili, with beans and beef and a hint of cinnamon.  Finally, the judges made it to Venture, where the theme was a dance club.  As strobe lights flared, the whole boat danced as the judges tried a cheesy chili made by the oldest boat on fleet.  All chilis were original and tasty, but we have to wait until Awards Night to figure out who was number one.  After dinner, all boats participated in an intensive boat clean and boat meeting.  Hopefully, everyone is dreaming of the delicious M&M pancakes on the menu for tomorrow morning.


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