Entry from the Ship’s Log: The Rhone Wreck

Posted Thursday, August 4th, 2011 at 12:03 pm

Day  16

Excerpt from the ship’s log of Monet:

Captain: Eug

Mate:  John

Navigator: Chris

After a wet wake-up, the crew enjoyed a yummy breakfast of eggs and bacon. We all wandered around the local shops. After that we spent the morning playing board games, beach games, and hanging out on all the different boats. The afternoon was spent diving with our favorite captain, Steff. We completed two challenging dives on the wreck of the Rhone. We saw turtles, puffer fish, the captain’s spoon, and the lucky porthole. After the divers left, the rest of us all competed in an egg dropping contest where we tried to make a protective case around an egg so it wouldn’t break when we dropped it from the top of the mast. When the divers got back from the night dive we all had fresh baked cookies.

Quote of the Day:

Aly: “Is this for me? It says A-L-Y on it…”

Steff: “How do you spell your name?”

                Aly: “A-L-Y.”

                Steff: “Well then, yes. I would guess it’s for you.”


Miracle Moment:

Egg smashing contest


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