Day 11: Alpha Heads Back to Dock

Posted Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 4:39 pm


We woke up at the Bight to some nice weather. We cleaned the boat and began packing our bags. Afterwards we enjoyed some watersports. Tubing was epic. Lulu Charlotte, Gigi and Taylor all had so much trying to stay on the longest. John, Will, Jack, and Robyn all went for a snorkle with Sarah Morgan at the Caves. We saw so many cool fish and the caves were really cool! After PB day for lunch we headed back to Wickhams.

It was a nice sail back to the docks. Gigi docked the dock perfectly, she had a difficult docking it was a med-docking, so they had to pick up a mooring ball off the bow and dock off their stern. We got to hang out the docks until dinner. After dinner we had Skits and Awards.  Wind Whisper won Olympics and The Prosecutor won Chili Cookoff.  We ended the night hanging out on the boats writing plane letters.


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