Day 16: To Monkey Point

Posted Monday, August 1st, 2011 at 2:11 pm


The divers went on their last dive in the Caribbean this morning to the tip of Scrub Island. While the divers were gone, Brandon, Sydney, Caroline, Sloane and Lili enjoyed a ski boat ride to the Beef Island-cut to snorkel the mangroves. It was a beautiful snorkel and there was a six and four armed sea star.

Once back on the boats, the non-divers prepped a chicken quesadilla lunch that everyone enjoyed once back from the dive. After the quick lunch the boats were underway and motoring to Monkey Point, Guana Island. Monkey point is truly one of the most serene places in the BVI and a perfect location to end the trip. Vica moored the Berlin and everyone hopped in the water for a snorkel of this marine protected reef. Perry came out to do water sports with everyone and Ale, Lili, Megan and Caroline went tubing until their hearts content. Peter, Andrew, Rachel, Nicolas, Matt and Lisa brought out the kayaks for a journey around the reef.

After everyone was sufficiently water logged, the students showered and prepared breakfast for dinner. Pancakes and bacon were a fun last dinner on the water. After dinner the students filled out evaluations and wrote letters to themselves that they would receive around the holidays. It was a beautiful sky and cool breeze for the last night out on the water.


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