Day 6: Annual Kickball Championship

Posted Friday, July 29th, 2011 at 10:15 am


Today we woke up to a full rainbow and an early start to the morning. We had a nice calm motor sail to the Baths. We had to get there early to beat the rush. We all swam to shore and went for a hike/snorkle.  It was amazing to see all the different kind of fish and the coral.  Next it was some fun on Jump rock. Gigi and Lulu had fun jumping off together. Jack finally was able to do his gainer off the rock, it was epic to watch!!  Will and Robyn did backflips.

It was back to boats for a quick motor to VGYH. We docked in some difficult conditions. Emmala had an amazing docking on her second attempt due to the wind. Lulu was on the helm of Wind Whisper and also had a great docking, leading her crew perfectly. After docking and getting secured, we headed to the field for Alpha 3 annual Kickball Championship!  It was a blast, Wind Whisper took the lead in the beginning but was over taken in the 4th inning by the Prosecutor. The final score was 11 to 7.   It was a great game and everyone was excited to enjoy some nice fresh water showers as well as some cold Ting.

Emily and John cooked dinner on the Prosecutor, it was a delicious meal of Mac and Cheese (home-made style).  We had a great boat meeting aboard Wind Whisper, we did our Full Value Contract, that allowed us to take more ownership of the boat. It was a great evening to fall asleep  on the deck of the boats. With the storm passed over, the stars were out in full force.




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