Day 4: Learning How To Sail

Posted Monday, July 25th, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Day three kept up the action-packed schedule that the prior days followed. The divers started their day with an early morning dive. The rest of the fleet then kayaked over to Cistern Rock for a snorkel. Carly, Nadja, and Jessi from Vivaldi and John, Carlos, Nat, Sammi, and Shannon from Bang Bang had a blast spotting tropical fish and following a sea turtle. After a navigation lesson, Monet 1 went sailing. The crew tested their skills with an intense competition of tacking races. Igor guided Venture off of the ball and then the crew learned about downwind sailing. Onno successfully learned to tie a “preventer” to keep the boat’s boom in place. Evan skillfully took the helm on Vivaldi with Jessi, Carly, Dylan, and Drew working on proper sail placement.

Sao Jorge had an awesome pasta salad for lunch cooked by Lara and Emma prior to going for a smooth sail and a fun lesson on the points of sail. Monique was a natural on the helm, holding a close hauled course. Then Eric took a turn and kicked the boat into high speed with a beam reach. The rest of the fleet then enjoyed some free time on the beach with virgin pina coladas and watersports. Some of the students also did a bit of community service by participating in a snorkel trash cleanup. Dinner was and incredible meal of mahi mahi, rice, and broccoli, then after a spotless cleanup, everyone headed to shore for brownies—a great way to end the day!


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