Day 4: Coral Reef Health Project

Posted Friday, July 22nd, 2011 at 10:13 am


The Foxies awoke at Great Harbor and jumped in for a project reef snorkel after breakfast. The moon jellies were in high abundance but that didn’t deter most of the students from getting their community service hours in. After the snorkel, the boats had slightly different days. Olivia skippered Geneve back to Hodges Creek for a few boat repairs and the crew completed their first docking perfectly! Sydney did excellent work in the kitchen making pasta salad and the crews enjoyed a calm afternoon relaxing at the pool.

Just before the boat was finished, the crew went via ski boat to Buck Island to complete a coral watch snorkel and collect data on the health of coral. A curious remora tried to attach to Becca’s stomach and the students got an up close and personal look at some of the sea life. Geneve then motored over to Marina Cay to meet up with Berlin and guided a blind folded Olivia through a mooring ball pick up. Berlin had a quick sail raise, skippered by Peter, and then a just as quick sail drop because of the approaching squall. The rain did not deter the crew because it gave everyone a freshwater rinse.  Kyle and Bailey started the trend of a nice shower underway and most people pulled out their shampoo and conditioner.

The crew headed to Marina Cay for the night and picked up the mooring ball flawlessly. There some mandatory fun while the crews played fender rodeo. Our new resident cowboys are Andrew, Peter and Nicolas. After the rodeo was over we jumped in the water for a coral watch study as well and saw the effects of bleached coral on the reef by Marina Cay. We then got distracted by the many conch, reef squid and two sting rays around us. After a day full of snorkeling the crews were very much ready for their Mahi Mahi dinner and a quiet night on board the boat.


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