Last Days on Alpha 2

Posted Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Day 10:
From the Prosecutor’s Ship’s Log:
“We de-docked from Levericks and then started a race which we won!! We won with the help from Margie and her racing knowledge. Then we went to the Bitter End Yacht Club, where we had water sports, small boats and the shore to hang out on. We sailed Waves, a type of Hoby, and went water-skiing with Anthony. Around 6:30pm, we left the North Sound and sailed for Great Harbor on Peter Island. We caught a mooring ball and then went to sleep.”
Quote of the Day – “Harry Potter’s out”
Miracle Moment – Winning the race

Day 11:
We woke up at Great Harbor. We cleaned and packed our bags in preparation for tomorrow’s departure.  After a quick clean we had some watersports. Keiley, Kasey, Haley and some others all went on the banana boat. Blake, Avery, Carter and Toby all got up on the wakeboard!! It was super exciting. We then departed for Wickham’s for the docks. Avery was skipper of the day on the Prosecutor and docked the boat perfectly. Kasey followed with another amazing docking. We all took our crew tests and passed!!  We then went swimming in the pool and hung out by the bar. Dinner was pizza then it was straight to the Awards/ Skits night. Wind Whisper won Olympics and Prosecutor won Chili Cookoff!!  We ended the evening with our final boat meeting and hanging out with each other.

Day 12:
It was an early morning, we said goodbye to Judah first. Then we got all of our bags off the boat and got on the taxi. It was sad to leave the Caribbean and the nice weather. We all were on the ferry to St. Thomas to catch our flights back to the main land.
Thank you so much for all of the memories and the fun. We hope to see you back next year and also to have a great rest of the summer and school!!


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