Day 9: Chili Cook Off At Levericks Bay

Posted Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 10:23 am


We woke up and immediately got on our way to Great Dog. We were off for an early morning dive, our last one of the program. We went to the Coral Gardens, they were amazing, so may different types of coral were growing there. Sara, Eliza, Judah and Alyssa all went for a snorkle and saw somr big jelly fish. After exploring the sea floor we dropped our mooring balls and headed for Levericks Bay. Ted,on Wind Whisper, docked the boat perfectly with the crew assisting him with his dock lines and fending. Dave followed shortly there after, leading the crew of the Prosecutor through a flawless docking. After having some drinks on land we were back on the boats preparing for Chili cookoff!

On the Prosecutor, we did the jungle theme and on Wind Whisper it was Harry Potter themed. Both boats cooked delicios chili!! Avery, Haley, Josh, Judah and the others helped prep for awesome presentation on the Prosecutor.   Kasey was Dumbledore, and Carter was Harry Potter, while Blake was a demeantor!  It was a great evening. We all just hung out on the boats and talked to each other. Plus the there were no clouds in the sky so are view of the stars was perfect!



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