Day 8: Challenge Day

Posted Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 10:16 am

An entry in the Ships Log:

“It was Challenge Day today!!! It was great. We woke up to the staff motoring the boat towards the Baths. We have to get there earlier or all the mooring balls will be taken. We take over the boat for them and continue our way to Virgin Gorda. Josh on the Prosecutor, woke everyone up with Metallica.

On Wind Whisper, Alyssa,  lead the crew to the mooring ball for a pick up. They had to bail on their first one, but caught the next one perfectly. After eating breakfast we headed ashore to explore the Baths. They were amazing were went on a hike/snorkle. We carried our snorkle gear and then swam back, seeing so many cool fish. After snorkling we went and jumped off of Jump Rock. Kasey tired attempting a backflip off the rock, Blake and Toby helped teach her.

After some fun jumping, we departed and headed towards Vixen Point. We had a great sail, Bradlie was Skipper of the day and lead the crew in the all the procedures. Haley and Zoe were helping her by pointing out the points of sail we were on and the proper sail trim. After arriving at Vixen, we had some watersports and the Sail Caribbean Olympics!!¬† It was soo much fun, we even got to ride the banana boat. It was a great day on our teen sailing adventure, and we ended with some good breakfast snadwiches.”



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