Day 2: The First Sail to Norman Island

Posted Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 10:34 am

July 16th 2011

This morning the crews woke up on docks at Hodges Creek Marina ready to begin their adventures. Lilian and Olivia had breakfast ready quickly in the morning for Geneve and cleaned up just as quickly. Once the crews had learned a little more about the boats in their Prior to First lesson and a de-docking talk, Sydney and Andrew talked their crews and drove their boats through nice de-dockings.

Once in the Sir Francis Drake Channel, the students learned how to raise the sails and pick their course towards The Bight, Norman Island.  On Berlin, the students learned how to hunt a Moorasaurus in 3 easy steps which translated perfectly for how the crew would be picking up the mooring ball. Alessandro’s long arms on Geneve came in great handy getting the lines prepared for the pick up. While on Geneve, Peter and Nicolas used great teamwork to prep the lines. Both crews worked together excellently and Berlin secured the mooring ball on the first try.

Once at The Bight, the crews jumped in for a brief snorkel and saw Christmas tree worms, squirrelfish and a flamingo tongue, just to name a few things.  The staff demonstrated the proper way to take a boat shower. Taking a shower here is a magical experience; jumping into the clear blue water to clean up and following up with a fresh water rinse. It is quite a social experience and always a fun event.

After the crews were clean and had started on their chores, Brendon and Sloane and Caroline and Nicolas made delicious burritos for everyone. The sunset was breathtaking from the Bight and everyone enjoyed a proper “Life Check” moment. Berlin took their boat meeting time to share their highs and lows from the day, something they will make time to do everyday from now on. The students had their power down after the first big day of sailing and anxiously awaiting other great excursions in store for them on their Sail Caribbean teen sailing adventure.


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