Day 7: Cooper Island Under A Full Moon

Posted Sunday, July 17th, 2011 at 5:30 pm


Today we woke up on the docks at Nanny Cay Marina. We had a quick breakfast of yogart and granola. We dedocked our boats and fueled them up at the fuel dock. Josh was skipper of the day on The Prosecutor and he got his crew quickly off the docks and raised the sail. Grace helped him by windspotting the sails. They got them up super fast today, credit to their awesome teamwork. Blake was Skipper of the day on Wind Whisper, and they raised the sails in record time, completing the manuever in 2 minutes. We headed for Cooper Island for some scuba diving and watersports. Almost all of us went for diving. Josh and Toby went on 2 fun dives, while the rest of us took the DSD course. It was so must fun!! Ted, Blake, Carter, Bradlie, and Zoe all loved seeing the cool fish and the reef while diving. Judah, Eliza, Sara, and Alyssa hung out on Wind Whisper. They went for a snorkle at Cistern Rock. Alyssa and Judah then went wakeboarding, they both were quite successful!! We took boat showers then headed to Trellis Bay. We motor sailed and had dinner along the way. Once there we headed ashore for the Full Moon Fireball party. It was so much fun, we danced with the Jumbies and listened to great music. It was back to boats where we fell asleep underneath a full moon.


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