Day 20: Back to Hodges Creek

Posted Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 3:14 pm


Vivaldi: The crew got to sleep in at Cooper Island then began a great clean. Once we were all clean Emily took us off the mooring and we motored towards Hodges. Chelle did some excellent spotting through the mooring field. Emily stayed calm, cool and collected through the entire docking. Everybody is very sad to be leaving; it has been an amazing program.

Monet 1: Cleaning day: the crew awoke at Manchioneel Bay on Cooper Island for a fun filled day of deep cleaning. Harry insisted on a floating fender raft and the rest of the crew followed suit. We had a quick swim as a reward for a great clean. Tom lost a water bottle cap overboard on the sail back. This was a perfect opportunity for a last minute Man Overboard drill.

Sao Jorge: Today the crew awoke at Cooper Island. The crew spent the morning having a leisurely and enjoyable last day on the water. Afterwards Jessica guided the boat through the final docking at Hodges Creek. Once on docks the crew had their final boat meeting which included highs and lows of the whole trip as well as confessions where many tales of edible contraband were told.

Monet: Our last day on the water began with breakfast and a cleaning brief…all the kids were pumped and worked really hard to get the boat clean in record time. After boat photos ashore it was back to clean with intervals for swimming and drinks ashore. Tyler, Jake, Cruz and Mario enjoyed  fries and brownies. RJ demoored the boat perfectly and on the motor across the channel and everyone chilled out and enjoyed the last day on the water. RJ then docked us perfectly with Itai on the bow as spotter, Cruz on relay and spring, and Jake on the stern line.


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