Day 19: Savannah Bay to Cooper Island Beach Club

Posted Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 3:10 pm


Vivaldi: ARG!!!!!! We awoke to Pirate Bay at Savannah Bay. Vivaldi took an early lead winning the fender race and treasure hunt. Everybody had an amazing time playing on the beach. Congratulations to our Rescue Divers, Chelle, Luchi and Micheal D. who got certified today! Julia, Ben, Austin, Steph and Staci went on a sweet snorkel/hike (hikel) at The Chimneys. Chelle drove us out of Savannah Bay to our night sail which was very relaxing. We moored at Cooper Island where Curtis hooked the mooring and Ben threaded. Then as a boat we did letters to self that will be sent out to us around the holidays.

Sao Jorge: Today captain Will and the rescue divers worked towards their final set of skills to complete their certification. They were pleasantly surprised when VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) came to share in exercises. Afterwards Will led the boat through a highly exciting and adventurous night sail.

Monet: Ahoy there sailor!!!! Pirate day started with Walker, Chandler, Sarah, Cruz, Itai, Tyler and Mario saving our dinghy after Vivaldi attempted to steal it. Mario and Jake attempted to prank the staff boat by filling their sail bag with fenders and tying their steering wheels up. Olympics began with Monet arriving on the beach with RJ carrying the boat flag. Courtney and Itamar did a mega job in the fin run and dig, gaining our boat gold coins quickly. Sarah, Courtney, Chandler, Cruz and Jake sailed to the Chimneys and enjoyed kayaking and snorkelling. The night sail was hugely successful with Walker at the helm.


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