Day 18: Trellis Bay to Savannah Bay

Posted Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 3:07 pm


Monet: Itamar and Jake continued their dive education by doing their 4th deep dive. They saw a shark and 2 massive lion fish. Itai, RJ, Walker, Tyler and Mario continued their diving by completing rescue scenarios. After lunch we demoored and headed to the tricky anchorage at Savannah Bay. Team work was hugely important and the crew all did really well. Sarah was at the helm, RJ was the spotter, Walker was the relay, Jake worked the windlass and Itamar was the breaker boy. Steff and Mario became a jumping platform for the cannonball contest. Itai, Walker and Cruz made an amazing dinner of flavoured chicken and BBQ burgers.

Vivaldi: Everybody went diving this morning, except Curtis who went to explore Trellis Bay. Steph, Staci, Austin and Emily worked on specialities. Micheal D., Chelle and Luchi practiced rescuing victims today as part of their dive education. Our dive masters, Ben and Julia had a day off and are so close to becoming certified. We had a really nice upwind sail where we talked alot about racing and Ben, Julia, and Curtis drove. Julia handled driving us into Savannah Bay and we had a spectacular anchoring. Luchi and Austin made an amazing Chicken Parm for dinner. We had a guest marine bio speaker tonight. Josh gave us a presentation on Manta Rays. Everyone was really interested in this and Josh managed to hold our attention even though it was past 10:30.

Monet 1: Jenna Ali and Liz got their advanced open water certification. The non-divers went ashore to scope out the funky co-op owned by a local guy named Aragorn. Dinner was “pick your own” tonight. Monet 1 picked burgers and veggie burgers. We were fortunate enough to dinghy ashore to grill on the beautiful Savannah Bay beach. Harry’s navigation led us through the tricky entrance to Savannah Bay.

Sao Jorge: Today captain Joel led the boat through a challenge sail without staff help. Scott and Katelynn provided assistance with their sailing prowess. Afterwards Tanner led the boat from bow through a anchoring manoeuvre completing it on the first attempt.



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