Day 17: Exploring the Health of Our Reefs

Posted Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 3:04 pm


Sao Jorge: Today the crew awoke at Marina Cay where the rescue divers, Will, Tanner, Noah, and Joel, enjoyed an early morning dive, bringing them one step closer to finishing their certification. After their triumphant return the crew went ashore to participate in our community service project with reef watch where they learned of the adversities both, natural and manmade that are facing our reefs. A.J., Jessica and Scott lead the crew through the assessment of the corals health. Afterwards skipper A.J. guided the boat to Trellis Bay where the crew went ashore to Aragorn’s famed fireball party. Overall one of the most enjoyable days of the trip thus far.

Vivaldi: We had an early morning motor to Marina Cay with Austin at the helm. The rescue divers and dive masters went diving in the morning. Curtis and Austin went for some awesome tubing with Robb. The whole boat took part in a Community Service coral watch project this afternoon. Chelle took notes and the whole crew got involved and really enjoyed it. Everybody had an awesome night at the Fireball party where we saw the Jumbies and met the Bravo fleet.

Monet: The crew had the chance to sleep while the staff motored to Marina Cay. Enroute Cruz and Courtney made pancakes, including a super one for their captain. At Marina the boys went diving. The girls and Steff went on a not-so-successful kayak trip. They ended up swimming the kayak around. Sarah enjoyed a wake boarding lesson. In the afternoon everyone completed community service and went to a seminar about coral before researching the health of the reef. We then had a quick motor over to Trellis Bay. Mario was at the helm for the mooring. We then enjoyed dinner and a mega night at the Fireball party.


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