Day 19: The Baths and Beach Olympics

Posted Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 4:09 pm

July 13th 2011

The day today started much earlier for the captains and mates on Bravo fleet than it did for the campers. The day was set to be so full of activities, that we had to get up and be on the road away from Mountain Point by 6 in the morning. While students slept, they were quietly motored over to the Baths. At 7, the kids woke up sleepy eyed and some were surprised to find themselves in a whole new part of the BVI.

After a quick breakfast of milk and cereal, the kids were in the dinghy and headed off toward the beach. The Baths is the most well known destination in the BVI, known for the absolutely enormous boulders that lie all over each other all over the beach, creating really expansive walk through caves and tons of places to explore. The kids were led on a walk through the biggest cave, which connects two big beaches; The Baths and Devils Bay.

After the hike, the kids were led on a snorkel around the boulders in the water to go back to the beach they’d started from.  By the time they came back, the staff who stayed at the Baths had set up the pull-up lines had been set up for jump rock, a tall rock that kids can climb up and jump off the top of.  For about an hour, there was a constant cycle of kids going up and down this rock, having the time of their life.

At about 11, the fleet was brought back to boats for a burrito lunch and to motor over to Pond Bay. Athan did a great job motoring the boat through the intricate pass between the reefs to get to Pond Bay. At Pond Bay was the Beach Olympics! All the boats split up into teams and competed in mask and fin relays and the dizzy fender relay. They then all buried their captains into funny sand art. Charlie of Venture became “Sandy Claus”, Emma of PJ was turned into a hilarious airplane and Joe from Venture III was completely buried wearing only a snorkel to breath and was turned into, “The City of Joe-Ville in an Earthquake.” When the judges came by, Joe took a huge breath and stood up, destroying the entire city.

The kids then had to pull their captain in a Kayak across the sand in a race, and the Olympics ended with a heated Tug-of-War! Everyone was amped and excited after the Olympics and hung out in the water on the kayaks until shower and dinner prep time. As the night went on though, the crazy day started to catch up with them and everyone became pretty tired and was very happy to have a quiet night on board to hang out with their boat.


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