Day 17: A Night Sail Under A Full Moon

Posted Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 4:20 pm

July 11th 2011

Last night, we sailed through the night in a glorious island passage: We had a ¾ full moon and calm seas for the entire 70 nautical mile voyage!!! Everyone had the responsibility of taking a three hour shift, before heading off to sleep again. Both boats had arrived on Tintimarre by 8:30 AM,  and everyone went to bed for a couple hours to regain our energy.

We woke up to head to the beach for OLYMPICS!!! Both boats challenged each other in the fender relay race, water chug competition,  Tug of War, synchronized swimming, and sand art. It was an epic afternoon, full of lots of laughter. We then swam back to boats to enjoy the Caribbean water one last time, before getting to work packing up and cleaning.

From Tintimarre, we motored back south to Oyster Pond, where everyone was happy to take freshwater dock showers, and to eat out at the Dinghy Dock restaurant. After an evening of skits, awards, and airplane letters, everyone finally went to bed, at some unknown hour.


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