Day 15: Exploring Virgin Gorda

Posted Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 3:57 pm

Day 15 Mountain Point to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour via The Baths and Spring Bay

Vivaldi: The crew had an early morning at The Baths for some amazing hiking as well as Jump Rock. We then enjoyed an awesome cook-out at Spring Bay. Everybody ate until they were full and then swam and played football in the water. We then motored to and docked at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour. With Micheal D at the helm we had a great docking. He then went on to cook a great quesadilla dinner with the help of Stephanie.

Sao Jorge: Today Captain Scott awoke the crew after motoring to the baths from mountain point. Once there the crew enjoyed a plethora of activates such as hiking and snorkeling at one of the most scenic locations in the Virgin Islands. Tanner, Will, and Joel showed their mountaineering and acrobatic skills climbing and dismounting jump rock. Afterward, Scott guided the crew through the most difficult docking by fighting the strong winds and tight turns at Virgin Gorda yacht harbour. Sydney left the boat really early this morning as she is going to The Premiere’s Cup to compete against a number of other countries.

Monet: all the crew enjoyed a lie in while the staff motored to The Baths for the best day ever. Courtney made us all oatmeal. Everyone went ashore where Itamal, Cruz, RJ, Itai, Courtney, Chandler, Sarah and Jake enjoyed the hike. Tyler and Mario enjoyed Jump Rock with Sarah joining them later. Walker had an early start as he left the fleet to captain a keelboat in the Premiere’s Cup.

Monet 1: This was the best day ever! We all went ashore at The Baths, a natural amusement park, with huge boulders and great snorkeling. Alex, our triathlete offered to swim the dinghy through the marine protected area. Jenna, Judy and Matt played tunnel tag with other boats. We thoroughly rocked the other teams in tag. Matt lad us to the fastest docking Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour has ever seen.


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