Day 17-21

Posted Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 4:05 pm

DAY 17:

Sao Jorge: Today the crew awoke at Marina Cay where the rescue divers, Will, Tanner, Noah, and Joel, enjoyed an early morning dive bringing them one step closer to finishing their certification. After their triumphant return the crew went ashore to participate in our community service project with reef watch where they learned of the adversities both natural and man-made that are facing our reefs. A.J., Jessica and Scott lead the crew through the assessment of the corals health. Afterward, skipper A.J. guided the boat to Trellis Bay where the crew went ashore to Aragorn’s famed fireball party. Overall one of the most enjoyable days of the trip thus far.

Vivaldi: we had an early morning motor to Marina Cay with Austin at the helm. The rescue divers and dive masters went diving in the morning. Curtis and Austin went for some awesome tubing with Robb. The whole boat took part in a Community Service coral watch project this afternoon. Chelle took notes and the whole crew got involved and really enjoyed it. Everybody had an awesome night at the Fireball party where we saw the Jumbies and met the Bravo fleet.

Monet: The crew had the chance to sleep while the staff motored to Marina Cay. En route Cruz and Courtney made mega pancakes including a super one for their captain. The boys went diving at the marina while the girls and Steff went on a not so successful kayak trip. They ended up swimming the kayak around. Sarah enjoyed a wake boarding lesson. In the afternoon, everyone completed community service and went to a seminar about coral before researching the health of the reef. We then had a quick motor over to Trellis Bay. Mario was at the helm for the mooring. We then enjoyed dinner and a mega night at the Fireball party.

Monet 1:

Day 18 Trellis Bay to Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Monet: Itamar and Jake continued their dive education by doing their 4th deep dive. They saw a shark and 2 massive lion fish. Itai, RJ, Walker, Tyler and Mario continued their diving by completing rescue scenarios. After lunch we demoored and headed to the tricky anchorage at Savannah Bay. Team work was hugely important and the crew all did really well. Sarah was at the helm, RJ was the spotter, Walker was the relay, Jake worked the windlass and Itamar was the breaker boy. Steff and Mario became a jumping platform for the cannonball contest. Itai, Walker and Cruz made an amazing dinner of flavoured chicken and BBQ burgers.

Vivaldi: Everybody went diving this morning, except Curtis who went to explore Trellis Bay. Steff, Staci, Austin and Emily worked on specialties. Micheal D., Chelle and Luchi practiced rescuing victims today as part of their dive education. Our dive masters, Ben and Julia had a day off and are so close to becoming certified. We had a really nice upwind sail where we talked alot about racing and Ben, Julia and Curtis drove. Julia handled driving us into Savannah Bay and we had a spectacular anchoring. Luchi and Austin made an amazing Chicken Parmesan for dinner. We had a guest marine bio speaker tonight. Josh gave us a presentation on Manta Rays. Everyone was really interested in this and Josh managed to hold our attention even though it was past 10:30.

Monet 1: Jenna Ali and Liz got their advanced open water certification. The non-divers went ashore to scope out the funky are co-op owned by a local guy named Aragorn. Dinner was “pick your own” tonight. Monet 1 picked burgers and veggie burgers. We were fortunate enough to dinghy ashore to grill on the beautiful Savannah Bay beach. Harry’s navigation led us through the tricky entrance to Savannah Bay.

Sao Jorge: Today captain Joel led the boat through a challenge sail without staff help. Scott and Katelynn provided assistance with their sailing prowess. Afterwards Tanner led the boat from bow through an anchoring maneuver, completing it on the first attempt.


Day 19:  Savannah Bay to Cooper Island Beach Club

Vivaldi: ARG!!!!!! We awoke to Pirate Bay at Savannah Bay. Vivaldi took an early lead winning the fender race and treasure hunt. Everybody had an amazing time playing on the beach. Congratulations to our Rescue Divers, Chelle, Luchi and Micheal D. Who got certified today! Julia, Ben, Austin, Steph and Staci went on a sweet snorkel/hike (hikel) at The Chimneys. Chelle drove us out of Savannah Bay to our night sail which was very relaxing. We moored at Cooper Island where Curtis hooked the mooring and Ben threaded. Then as a boat we did letters to self that will be sent out to us around the holidays.

Sao Jorge: Today captain Will and the rescue divers worked towards their final set of skills to complete their certification. They were pleasantly surprised when VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) came to share in exercises. Afterwards Will led the boat through a highly exciting and adventurous night sail.

Monet: Ahoy there sailor!!!! Pirate day started with Walker, Chandler, Sarah, Cruz, Itai, Tyler and Mario saving our dinghy after Vivaldi attempted to steal it. Mario and Jake attempted to prank the staff boat by filling their sail bag with fenders and tying their steering wheels up. Olympics began with Monet arriving on the beach with RJ carrying the boat flag. Courtney and Itamar did a mega job in the fin run and dig, gaining our boat gold coins quickly. Sarah, Courtney, Chandler, Cruz and Jake sailed to the Chimneys and enjoyed kayaking and snorkeling. The night sail was hugely successful with Walker at the helm.


Day 20 Cooper Island Beach Club to Hodges Creek, Tortola

Vivaldi: The crew got to sleep in at Cooper Island then began a great clean. Once we were all clean Emily took us off the mooring and we motored towards Hodges. Chelle did some excellent spotting through the mooring field. Emily stayed calm, cool and collected through the entire docking. Everybody is very sad to be leaving; it has been an amazing program.

Monet 1: Cleaning day: the crew awoke at Manchioneel Bay on Cooper Island for a fun filled day of deep cleaning. Harry insisted on a floating fender raft and the rest of the crew followed suit. We had a quick swim as a reward for a great clean. Tom lost a water bottle cap overboard on the sail back. This was a perfect opportunity for a last minute Man Overboard drill.

Sao Jorge: Today the crew awoke at Cooper Island. The crew spent the morning having a leisurely and enjoyable last day on the water. Afterward, Jessica guided the boat through the final docking at Hodges Creek. Once on docks the crew had their final boat meeting which included highs and lows of the whole trip as well as confessions where many tales of edible contraband were told.

Monet: our last day on the water began with breakfast and a cleaning brief…all the kids were pumped and worked really hard to get the boat clean in record time. After boat photos ashore it was back to clean with intervals for swimming and drinks ashore. Tyler, Jake, Cruz and Mario enjoyed the famous fries and brownies. RJ de-moored the boat perfectly and on the motor across the channel everyone chilled out and enjoyed the last day on the water. RJ then docked us perfectly with Itai on the bow as spotter, Cruz on relay and spring and Jake on the stern line.


Day 21 Hodges Creek to Home

Vivaldi: Departure Day! We had a 5am wake up. There was a groggy scramble to get bags off boats and everyone’s gear organized. Alex and Judy were the first to go. We ran after their taxi as it left and then watched our final BVI sunrise. Harry left soon after on an island style taxi (sardines in a pick-up). Everyone else left at 9:15 and 9:45. We all had a team goodbye!!!!

Sao Jorge: The crew awoke on their final morning to a beautiful morning. We are all excited to go home but to leave the new family we have created.

Monet: After a long night of peanut butter eating everyone woke up at 5am to say goodbye to other boats.  Breakfast was muffins and juice and even though we were not fully awake yet we enjoyed this treat. After emotional goodbyes and send offs in the taxis we are going to miss each other.




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