Sierra Day 15

Posted Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 at 4:40 pm

On July 9, 2011 Sierra awoke at Leverick Bay  docks. As soon as we finished breakfast, the students begged to go to the food store one last time for a few last minute goodies. At 8:30AM the Sierra crew was back on the boat and Maddy took the helm. She took us on a long sail to Fallen Jerusalem!  She unfurled the Jib and we went on a sunny downwind sail. Chapman, Xanthe and Leslie soaked up the rays while the sun was shining. Meg was in charge of music and Tommy caught a quick nap.

After the first hour, Laurie went over a lesson on conservation.  That was the overall theme of the day! Maddy then presented her area of marine interest to the group and it covered gill nets and long line fishing. Following the lesson, the group was back to relaxing. After a few hours we moored up to our destination of Fallen Jerusalem and jumped in the water. The area is very natural with very little human disturbance. We took a look at how healthy the reef was there in comparison to some of the over visited spots. It was very refreshing to see all of the healthy coral growth and life in the area!

Soon after the snorkel, it was time for lunch! Chapman and Tommy made Sierra a great lunch of pita pizzas and watermelon. After we were full we motored over to Manchioneel Bay on Cooper Island where we had a surprise guest waiting for us!

A young man named Josh Stewart joined us for the evening. He was a past Sail Caribbean camper who has gone on study marine biology and videography! Xanthe and  Meg were very excited to speak with him about how he has gotten to where he is today. He gave us a lesson on conservation, plastics in our oceans and manta rays. He showed us video of his adventures and spoke to the kids about scholarships they can apply for to help them make their dreams about marine biology come true! We had a great evening with Josh and finished by feeding him a yummy dinner of vegetable spaghetti.

To wrap up the evening and topic of conservation, Graham made the students popcorn and hot chocolate while they watched The Cove. It is a heartbreak documentary about dolphin slaughters in Taiji, Japan. The main purpose behind us showing the video is to help the students realize that they are the next generation of activists.  With the passion that they have for the oceans they can help make a difference in the preservation of this amazing environment!


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