Bravo/Charlie Fleet 2: Highlights from Days 8-10

Posted Thursday, July 7th, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Day 8

Today we attempted to start our day really, really early. Our captains and mates woke us up at 5 a.m. to begin our planned morning motor. However, the weather delayed them slightly and they waited until the skies were a little clearer before they headed out.

Some highlights for today:

Vivaldi: The early morning staff motor turned into everyone getting up very early, eating muffin cake and sitting through about 4 squalls.

Monet 1: After a night hanging out with the Jumbies (dancers on stilts) the crew awoke to a moving boat. Captain John and mate Jess had woken early to shove off and get to the next destination. We encountered some heavy rain en route. Harry, Jenna and Micheal stayed above decks during the heaviest rains to live the “extreme” life. We spent the afternoon at Trellis Bay where Jess led a snorkelling trip to find sea turtles. Our quiet night on board involved divers doing their coursework and non-divers watching a movie.

Sao Jorge: Everyone woke up in time for muffin cake that Linda and Tal had prepared for us. We sailed towards the Dogs and Scott and John navigated through the islands for us. Unfortunately a storm put an end to our sail so we picked up a mooring ball at trellis Bay where we played Apples to Apples while we waited for the squall to clear. The weather cleared in the afternoon and the divers headed off. Jess went on a truck tour of the island and some of the crew sunbathed.


Day 9 Trellis Bay to Village Cay

This morning the divers left early and the non-divers completed a snorkel clean up. This was the start of our logging community service hours.

Vivaldi: After a great lunch of grilled cheese and the divers set off. While they were gone the rest of us did some community service. We had a snorkel clean up and spotted some turtles along the way. Chelle guided us through a very tough docking at Village Cay.

Monet 1: Micheal and Dunte teamed up with some of the girls from Monet to do a cleanup of the Trellis Bay reef. They collected 34 bottles and cans and were the winners of the trash cleanup competition. During the trash cleanup we also found a conch and a sea urchin that we later named and used for a marine biology lesson before returning them to the sea. Despite heavy winds pushing our boat around Elizabeth docked like a pro!

Monet: Monet and Monet 1 picked up a huge amount of trash and helped to make Trellis Bay reef a cleaner place. They were announced winners of the trash cleanup. Jess was a rock star as Skipper and docked the boat with the help of everyone on board.


Day 10 Village Cay to Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today the crews enjoyed some time to explore Road Town. They had the chance to check out the shops, get ice cream and hang out by the pool. Everyone enjoyed seeing what Road Town has to offer. Once everyone returned to the boats we had lunch and prepared for our afternoon activities. The divers were picked up from the dock and headed out to another great dive site. The non-divers all joined forces on two boats to sail to Peter Island in time for dinner. After dinner some of the crews enjoyed a night snorkel.


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