Underwater Adventures off Saba

Posted Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Day 6 – July 1, 2011 Ile Fourche to Saba

On Shere Khan – Today students had a record-breaking sail from Ile Fourche to Saba. Mallika was at the helm for de-mooring and Renee, Zach, and Bri were at the helm during the day, keeping a look out for larger waves and gusts of wind. As the group worked the relay positions, Zac tied the preventer for the downwind sail. They all arrived in Saba after a fantastic, full day of sailing.

On Full Deck – Today on the sail from Ile Fourche to Saba, the students all worked together for their full days sail down island. Ali was at the helm during the squall, and with very high spirits. She had everyone singing in the rain with help from Maddy and Chloe. During the day, everyone used Nathan as a resource for navigation questions, and he was able to teach navigation thoroughly and with patience.

Day 7 – July 2, 2011 Saba

On Shere Khan – Hayley, Bri, and Mallika woke up early and had their first dive today. It was amazing to dive off of Saba and they even saw a sea turtle while exploring the reef off of Diamond Point Rock. Titus, Zach, and Renee joined everyone on the best snorkel yet, and they saw a sea turtle, a moray eel, and even swam through an above water cave!  It was a phenomenal day exploring Saba underwater!

On Full Deck – Matt C and Nathan discovered scuba diving and absolutely loved it! They saw a nurse shark, sea turtles, and the beautiful color of the Saba reefs. Matt S, Chloe, Maddy, and Ali went on the best snorkel yet around diamond point and loved seeing the coral reef fish everywhere.  Everyone especially loved the Juvenile Yellow Tailed Damselfish. They even saw a sea turtle! It was a phenomenal day exploring Saba underwater!


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