Making a Splash at Marina Cay

Posted Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Day 9

This morning we went ashore at the Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC) for a day of hanging out on the beach, sailing small boats, tubing, wakeboarding, hiking, and checking out the shops and boutiques in the area.  Right around lunch time, the rain picked back up, so the comfort food of grilled cheese sandwiches was definitely in order.  After lunch, everyone headed back to shore for an hour of last minute shopping and tubing.

On Da Vinci, Lane ferried his crew to shore in the dinghy, and Ana  made sure everyone was dinghied safely back to their boats.  The Foxtrot fleet left the North Sound mostly ahead of a rain storm, though for a little while, Geneve was caught in the downpour and Inigo braved the water so the rest of his crew could take cover for a moment.  The boats safely and efficiently arrived to Marina Cay under the careful eye of the skippers Sean (Da Vinci), Howie (Geneve), and Alaina & Sam (leading sing-a-longs on Berlin as usual!).  Geneve and Berlin picked up their mooring balls better than ever before, and Da Vinci even stepped it up a notch with a blindfolded Sean steering at the helm – success on the first try!

Foxtrot crews sure know how to communicate!  Once on the ball, the crews promptly began a team effort of cooking delicious lasagnas which everyone enjoyed.  After dinner, the staff led a short discussion about bio-luminescence (the ability of living organisms to create their own light) in plankton.  Everyone then had the opportunity to take a splash to see the pretty blue sparkles which we now know are mostly microscopic algae called dinoflagellates!  While everyone was drying off on Berlin, Kyle and Rachel led a discussion about the ethics of eating different types of fish.

Day 10

The Foxies all woke up bright and early this fine Fourth of July morning so the divers could make their 8:30 dive, and everyone else could get ready for a Project REEF snorkel to help monitor the fish population of Marina Cay.  The crews of each boat got to mingle during the snorkel, the snack time which followed, as well as on shore at Marina for a few minutes to stretch our legs.  The divers were all super efficient with their Knowledge Reviews, and setup/breakdown of their gear, so they returned early.  This meant there was more time for patriotic music during lunch (Berlin even created a USA burgee and raised it).  The weather calmed down to excellent sailing conditions for us today, so there was lots of time for a good sail.  A couple of the boats even unfurled their gennicker for some solid downwind sailing!  Everyone arrived on schedule to Spring Bay and successfully anchored the boat in time to head to shore for a 4th of July BBQ and social with the Sierra fleet.  Captain Challenge made an appearance shortly after dessert was distributed to inform the crews of each Foxtrot boat that tomorrow is Challenge Day!  Tomorrow the crews will take ownership of their boats and work together as a team to successfully and safely navigate the fleet to Anegada with minimal direction from staff.  After the announcement, everyone began heading back to boats to make it an early night in order to get plenty of rest before the big day!


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