A Fun-filled Day from Squid Lessons to A Dance Party!

Posted Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 10:55 am

Day 8

This morning we all woke up at Leverick Bay. The crews were slightly disappointed by the weather preventing our sail to Anegada, but were excited to spend the morning on docks together playing board games. DaVinci students took advantage of another morning on the docks with another freshwater shower. For lunch, Megan and Madeline blackened some chicken for the Caesar salad lunch on Geneve. Ana and DaVinci were the first off the docks and on the way to the Bitter End Yacht Club. Alaina took the helm for Berlin to dedock the boat and everyone worked together to get underway. Berlin was challenged with a blindfolded mooring ball pick up once in the mooring field. Sam was the spotter and Kate helped to guide the blindfolded Alaina. Once moored at the Bitter End, the crews enjoyed some more free time and swam between the boats. Lane was the master at fender rodeo. On Davinci, Norbert and Gertrude came on to instruct everyone how to dissect a squid!! All the crews learned a little more about squid anatomy and had a good time finding the only three hard parts to the squid, the beak, eye, and pen shell. Also, we learned that squid have three hearts and use siphen jet propulsion to move through the water. Christina tried on a squid ink mustache and Aileen and Megan rocked a squid pirate patch with the finlets. The showers were much needed after squid ink tattoos and then the crews enjoyed a tropical dinner of Hawaiian chicken and rice made by Howie and Inigo on Geneve, Rachel on Berlin, and Lara and Cristian on DaVinci. After dinner was eaten and cleaned, the crews got to go ashore to meet up with the Alpha and Sierra fleets for a dance party at the Quaterdeck at BEYC. Once back on the boats the crews fell asleep eagerly awaiting the next day’s beach activities.


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