An Exciting Sail to Bitter End!

Posted Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 at 9:43 am

Day 6

Today the fleet enjoyed some time ashore at Nanny Cay where they had the chance to get ice cream, hang out by the pool or check out the shops. In the late morning, we dedocked and headed to Bitter End Yacht Club. This was a long sail but it gave the crews time to practice what they have been learning.

Some highlights from today:

Monet: The best pancakes and eggs ever were made by RJ and Courtney. Everyone enjoyed the mega flavours and ate like kings. Mario skippered our dedocking after winning the boat chant loudest competition. All crew members helmed the boat for on a difficult upwind leg with Mario and Cruz watching over. WE GOT THE MOORING BALL FIRST TIME!!! AMAZING!!! This was helmed by Mario, hooked by RJ, threaded by Sarah and spotted by Itamal. Jake was our relay and Walker was our dinghy dork. The girls, Chandler, Courtney and Sarah enjoyed a girly captain meeting ashore complete with milkshake while the boys had a dive meeting.

Vivaldi: Adam lead the boat as skipper of the day on an amazing sail. It was super windy and a very rough ride but everyone enjoyed it. Emily, Micheal C, Curtis and Austin tried out driving throughout the day. We were one of the only boats that sailed the whole way to Bitter End Yacht Club.

Monet 1: It was a long sail today to the Bitter End. Choppy seas made the ride over exciting, and as lunch rolled around, we had turkey rollups while the seas calmed. We had an hour to scope out the Bitter End before dinner.  We all went to bed tonight excited for a day at the Bitter End tomorrow.


Day 7

Today was a chance for the fleet to enjoy all that the Bitter End has to offer. There was tubing, wake boarding, water skiing, banana boating, small boat sailing, and windsurfing as well as fun and games on the beach. As dinner was being prepared, the crews motored the short distance to Leverick Bay where they spent the night and enjoyed a Jumbie Dance Party.

Monet: Mario and Courtney cooked a mega imitation of a bacon and egg McMuffin. It was the first bacon in 8 days for the crew and everyone tucked in. Walker, Cruz and RJ had an epic day tubing in quite an extreme way. Sarah and Jake went banana boating, and Itai broke the Monet record for eating the longest baguette ever. Tyler and Itmal got a head start in working towards their rescue diver. Chandler explored BEYC visiting all the local attractions. Monet was crowned the champions of the cleaning. Our boat is ship shape!!!!

Vivaldi: Chelle, Emily, Julia and Stephanie made amazing breakfast sandwiches first thing this morning. Curtis and Ben took out a Hobie Cat in 20 knots of wind. Micheal D., Austin, Curtis and Stephanie went on an epic hike with Captain Robb. Luchi and Adam hung out on the beach.

Sao Jorge: Scott enjoyed sailing the laser in extremely strong winds. Later in the evening Captain Joel lead the crew through the motor from BEYC to Leverick Bay. Ryan made an incredibly difficult mooring ball pick up in inclement weather. Overall the crew is stepping up to the challenge of taking over the boat.

Monet 1: This morning we woke up, ate breakfast and headed straight ashore to enjoy the Bitter End. There were watersports galore all day. Tom and Alex attempted banana boating with some of the crew of Monet until they managed to get the banana boat water logged!!!! All in all a very good day.


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