The Delta Adventures Continue – Excellent Sailing, Sea Turtles, and Hikes!

Posted Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Day 5 – June 30, 2011

The Delta Adventures Continue…

On Shere Khan today the crew all worked together for an amazing day of sailing! Renee was at the helm for upanchoring as well as for most of the sail. She did an awesome job keeping a straight course for our sail upwind! Malika had her first experience on the helm while everyone worked positions on the winches through tacking. Titus helped us all by going up to raise the main sail on the boat. During the knot lesson later on that day, Zach did a great job learning the bowline and then helped teach it. After a beautiful day of sailing with the perfect amount of wind, Shere Khan rolled up to the mooring field to catch a ball. With some shifting winds adding an extra challenge for the crew, they all pulled together and after several attempts, we caught and picked up the ball! It was a great day for sailing and for all working together!

On Full Deck today, we started off the day with the crew all organizing themselves to get the boat upanchored and out sailing in wind and the waves! Ali was on the windlass and did a great job helping us get on our way while Maddie taught Matt Small navigation, plotting our course for the day. With some excellent  wind, we had a busy crew today. Matt Carney was a champ, trimming and easing the sails throughout the whole day. Matt Small was at the helm for a tack and also helped raise the main sail. Nathan was an incredible help on the boat and led by example the whole sail. Upon arrival, it was time for a little exploration and some fun.

Once arriving at Ile Fourche, students could choose between a hike to the top of the island or a snorkel. Chloe and Bri snorkeled and spotted a sea turtle!!! while the other  students went on a hike where we saw really beautiful, tropical plants, flowers, and cacti. After a full day of sailing and fun, we headed back to our boats for a quiet, relaxing night on board where we drifted off to sleep on our floating boat homes.


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