A Coral Survey Snorkel, A Soda Float, and a Night of Dancing!

Posted Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 at 3:51 pm

Day 7

Breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches (and karaoke off the stern of Berlin) really got everyone started off on the right foot this morning!  The marine biology instructors on each boat taught an invertebrate lesson about the various types of spineless animals the students are likely to find on the reef.  After the lesson, the crews geared up for a snorkel to collect data for the Coral Watch survey (monitoring the health of the reef) and searched out as many interesting invertebrate animals as they could find.  Examples of the cool animals seen included sea urchins, sponges, coral, and of course the amazing Christmas tree tube worms!  On the way back to their boats, the captains and mates encouraged everyone to grab a flotation device and kick over to the staff boat where everyone was surprised by a refreshing soda float.  Each crew returned to their boat shortly afterward for a quick lunch of sandwiches and then up-anchored and began the sail to Leverick Bay.  A tiny squall rolled through during the docking procedure which kept things exciting and added an extra level of challenge for the Foxies.  Kate, Jon, and Megan brought in their boats for the first docking of the program safely and with style!  Once everyone passed their boat inspections and showered up, a dinner of chicken parmesan, spaghetti, and broccoli was served.  About the time cleanup was complete, the music was bumping on shore in preparation for the Jumbie Dance Party!  The crews all headed to the source of the music and excitement where they had the opportunity to mingle with Charlie and Bravo students.  The Foxies showed off their moves on the dance floor and then headed back to bed – what an exciting day!


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