The Adventure Begins! Delta 1

Posted Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 12:50 pm

Day 1 – June 26, 2011

Arrivals day! Today was a busy one, arrivals day always is. Captains Hannah and Eric spent the morning setting up their boats and organizing their provisions for the next week, while their mates left to pick up students from the airport. By mid afternoon, all but two of our students had arrived, and everyone settled in to boats, before making calls home. Everyone was tired from the long trip and ate an early pizza dinner ordered from a local restaurant up the road. While folks were eating, Kieran went and picked up Renee and Hayley from the airport. It wasn’t long before the entire group was united for a round of introductions and headed off to an early bedtime.

Day 2 – June 27, 2011
Today we left docks!!! Everyone couldn’t wait to get leave and to get out on the open ocean. We spent the morning learning our way around the boat: learning the various parts of the boat, how to work the lines, and how to keep our boat nice and clean. At 12:45 our captain Hannah’s boat, “Playin with a Full Deck” left docks with Matt (Carney), Chloe, Maddy, Ali, and Nathan. Matt was skipper of the day and gave a great dedocking plan to the deckhands. Nathan manned the helm out of Oyster pond in to the open ocean. The crew sailed until 5:00 before anchoring in Simpson Bay, where after showers Ali single handedly whipped out an amazing burrito dinner, and then everyone pitched in to have a sparkling clean boat before bedtime. Our captain Eric’s boat, “Sher Khan” left immediately after Hannah’s with Mallika, Renee, Bri, Hayley, Zach, and Titus on board. Hailey was skipper of the day and was at the helm for dedocking the boat and driving out of the channel. The crew took their first steps towards getting their sea legs on them: Renee worked the winches while they raised the main sail, and Zack manned the helm for the downwind section of our sail which took us west in to Simpson Bay. As we anchored, Mallika got to try her hand at working as a relay on the boat in order to ensure communication between the bow of the boat and the helmsman. Everyone was tired after the long afternoon of sailing and after dinner we settled in to a quiet night on board.

A view of Simpson Bay on St Martin from the hills to the Northeast. This is where we anchored after our very first sail.



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