Bravo/Charlie Fleet 2

Posted Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 10:22 am

Trip Updates Bravo/ Charlie Fleet 2 2011


Day 1

Early in the morning, our Charlie OW students completed their PADI open water scuba course and became fully certified divers.  They celebrated with lunch at the pool while also awating the arrival of our  charlie advanced students.  By 6pm the majority of our students had arrived and set about moving onto their new homes, Monet 1, Sao Jorge, Monet, and Vivaldi.  We all headed up to recieve a dinner of Caribbean chicken, rice and coleslaw before returning to our boats to eat as a group.  Following dinner our students met with Mike and had their 1st boat meeting.  Sleep came easily to some and less so to many of our students who excitedly talked of things to come under the stars for their first night onboard.


Day 2

Today was a windy day as the crew woke for the first morning of their adventure. Once they had been familiarised with the boat on which they were going to be living it was time to prepare lunch and then set sail. We all headed to Cooper Island to pick up a mooring ball. On the way the crews ate lunch and began to learn about raising the sails.

Some highlights from today:

Vivaldi: Staci was at the helm for dedocking this morning from Hodges. With the help of her crew it was a perfect docking. She also moored at Cooper Island and got it on the first try!!!! Stephanie saw an octopus on a snorkel. Staci and Curtis made a great dinner of burritos. Austin drove a sailboat for the first time ever.

Monet: Chandler did an amazing job dedocking the boat at Hodges Creek. The crew completed a successful mooring on the 4th attempt after a mega “moorasaur” lesson by Cruz. Cruz, Mario and Taylor went diving in the afternoon and had a great time. Chandler and Sarah made the best burritos ever according to their crew and everyone enjoyed a quick introduction to cleaning in the evening. Cli was our special guest for dinner and the whole crew helped make conversation and make her feel welcome.

Monet 1: Once we arrived at Cooper Island we headed straight ashore for diving. We have two students who are returning to Sail Caribbean for their second year, Tom and Alex. They have been really helping out the rest of the crew.


Sao Jorge: Our captain of the day, Sydney, dedocked the boat from Hodges and we made our way to Manchioneel Bay on Cooper Island. Jessica was at the helm on the sail across the channel and once we got there Tanner and Joel worked together on the bow to snag a mooring ball.









Day 3

Today the crew awoke at Manchioneel bay on Cooper Island. The morning began with a storm and everyone enjoyed breakfast as we waited for it to pass

Monet: Early awaking and first storm for the crew. Everyone enjoyed a yummy hot chocolate morning with oatmeal cooked by RJ and Chandler. Courtney and chandler spent the day rescuing and protecting the local crabs after a short day trip on Salt Island. Tyler, Mario and Sarah had a mega time, tubing. Sarah even came back for seconds. After a tiring adventure around Salt Island Itmar spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach with Sarah and Chandler. Itai, Jake, Walker and RJ enjoyed their first wreck dive followed by their first night dive. Scary!!!

Vivaldi: Micheal C anchored us at Salt Island for a hike. Everybody really enjoyed it. Luchi, Micheal D and Adam had the afternoon off from diving. They hung out on the beach, went tubing and played beach games. All non-open water divers pitched in for a great dinner.

Sao Jorge: Will and Tanner led the rest of the Advanced Open Water divers through the three dives of the day while Sydney and AJ enjoyed a hike on Salt Island. The crew are looking forward to an exciting sail tomorrow.

Monet 1: some of the divers on our boat had an underwater foot race. Our new Open Water divers, Jenna and Ali, took their first breaths of underwater O2. The crew worked hard to have dinner ready to go when the staff finished their staff meeting.


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